Sunday, 9 March 2014

Green with envy

Move over orchids: there's a new kid in the low-maintenance, high-style category for indoor greenery. We call them succulents, and we are in love.

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Thanks to these waxy-leaved beauties, you don't have to sport a green thumb - or even have a garden - to introduce a pop of fresh green into your apartment. Simply position them in a sunny spot, water them when you remember (i.e. very rarely) and leave them sitting pretty all year long. We love the idea of placing them beneath a glass cloche with other treasures. They're a perfect housewarming present, and make the sweetest little take-home gift if you're planning a bridal shower or wedding - just fasten a rustic gift tag around the pot with twine. 

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Since they're beginning to steal the spotlight, you can find succulents at most markets, florists and, if you're feeling brave, Bunnings (shudder). Pot them in vintage teacups, old candle glasses or jam jars for a gorgeous vintage look, or keep an eye out for pots in pastels, metals or patterned porcelain. We love the selection at Leif... 

Pastel mini planters, Leif.

Copper patina planter, Leif.

Brass hexagon planter, Leif.

A trio of these brass hexagon planters is on our wish list to position along the table for an on-trend (and far longer lasting) alternative to flowers. 

If you're lucky enough to have a courtyard, balcony or ground floor apartment, then this is the ultimate scene-stealer: the Jamie Duries of the world know them as "vertical gardens", but living artwork is more appropriate, don't you think?

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