Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fresh as a daisy

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Good riddance winter... and a big, warm (hopefully) welcome to Spring! We're celebrating the return of our favourite season with a study of one of its brightest blooms - the daisy. Reminiscent of school lunches spent making daisy chains and carefree sun-kissed days, the flower is now flourishing on homewares. Scroll down for our pick of the bunch...

Navy is the daisy's perfect match - the dark hue tones down the vivid yellow for a more sophisticated take on the trend. The delightful 'Daisy' range of tableware by Mozi (such as the platter and jug above) pulls the look off perfectly and is currently at 30% off - get in quick!

Happy first day of Spring to you all! 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday find: Megan Morton/Incy Interiors beds

Hands up if you used to dream of having your very own 4-poster bed, complete with draping canopy and layer upon layer of linen? Until you grew up and realised that there's a time and a place for everything, and in the case of the 4-poster bed, it was a 16th-century castle. But behold, a new design collaboration is set to change your thinking. Celebrated interior stylist Megan Morton and furniture design house Incy Interiors have joined forces to create a range of 4-poster beds that scream contemporary cool. Don't believe us? Scroll down...

In line with the current trend for bedheads, these designs will make a singular statement in your boudoir - so there's no need to labour over choosing an artwork to place above your bed. They come in single, queen and king sizes in chalky white, matt black (our personal favourite) and all manner of custom colours. The frame can even be double dipped for a chic two-tone effect. And before you ask, despite their luxurious appearance, these beauties are actually surprisingly affordable - from $1299/queen.

One half of the design collaboration, stylist Megan, noted that she'd love to use one of the beds not for sleeping but as a clothes rail for her vast collection of maxi dresses. A bed and wardrobe combined into one? Now that's what we call sweet dreams.

Shop the collection online here, or find Incy Interiors stores in Chatswood and Bathurst, NSW.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Perfect match: pastel & timber

There's a lot to love about a power couple - Obama and Michelle, wine and cheese, Dolce & Gabbana. But here at The Apartment, we're more intrigued by life's unlikely pairings. Caramel and salt. Leather and lace. Charlize and Sean. And today's duo du jour: pastel and timber. One is earthy, natural and raw, the other is all saccharine sweetness. Yet put them together and they combine to create one of the strongest looks in interiors right now.

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Unless your name is Elle Woods (we've been dying to get in a Legally Blonde reference), you're probably not going to deck out your whole apartment in pastels (but please, be our guest!). There's just something a little daunting about committing to such an overwhelmingly feminine aesthetic. Which is why we love the pastel meets timber combination: woody grains instantly toughen up a soft and girly palette.

Plus, most of the pieces in these images can be re-created with some Ikea/Matt Blatt/vintage furniture and a few tins of gelato-hued paint. Should your penchant for pastels pass, you can easily revamp them to match your next decorating direction.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday find: Safari Living side tables

The world's best chefs are foraging in the woods for food, we all drink out of jam jars and bearded men roam the streets, so it should come as no surprise that tree stumps are the latest decorating accessory. Small and unassuming, logs-turned-side-tables evoke simpler times and add a charmingly rustic note to interiors. 

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Much like a jar-bound daiquiri, solid timber side tables can be surprisingly pricey - but not these bleached beauties we found at Safari Living for just $120. We love their irregular shape and natural timber grain, and they're perfect propped up against the couch or by the mantelpiece, as shown in Anna's apartment (above). We'd love to see them clustered in different heights and sizes to form a sculptural coffee table - chipped enamel cups of tea with bearded man-guests optional.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wall power

When you've got a lot of stuff and not a lot of space, it pays to think vertically. So if floor space is at a premium in your apartment, look up: those bare walls could be working a whole lot harder. Think floating shelves in lieu of clunky bookcases, wall-mounted organisers to free up desk space and hooks and hangers that double as decoration. Keeping things tidy has never been this stylish...

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Smart use of a small section of wall (above).

Image via Bernada Bekic.

Crazy creative wall equals sparkly clean desk (and how amazing is that worn leather chair?!).  

Image via (left) and (right). 

Old fencing turned slimline storage that doesn't encroach on your space (above). Peg up invitations, reminders and photos; hang baskets or bags, tea towels or scarves, depending on where it's placed.

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Trend we love: no longer associated with school excursions, the classic clipboard is re-imagined as a chic alternative to the photo frame. Mount them above your desk to clip up inspirational messages and art prints, or in the kitchen to hold shopping lists, reminders and bills - no tacky fridge magnets required.

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Bold oversized wall hooks turn your coats and scarves into contemporary art - we love these colourful circular hooks by Design By Them, $35 each - find them here.

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Photo frames can be appropriated into all kinds of neat wall-hung storage options - we love this restrained take on a mood board (above) and clever coffee cupboard idea (below) for the kitchen. 

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Small kitchens never have enough storage, so save the cabinetry for pots and pans and show off your gorgeous collection of teacups by mounting them to a vintage paling on the wall. Saves on space and adds colour to the kitchen - it's a win-win.

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Stationery storage (above) that throws the humble pencil case into sharp relief.

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Vintage key cabinets make the prettiest jewellery organisers and you can see your strands of jewels at a glance (no untangling impossibly knotted chains here!).


Cloud-shaped magnetic key holder from Hard to Find (left) and chevron wall hooks from Etsy (right).