Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday find: Kenyon Yeh wall table

Designers have always found inspiration in the weird and the wonderful - vampires (Jean Paul Gaultier), bunnies (Normann Copenhagen) and in the case of today's object of desire - cheerleaders. Taiwanese designer Kenyon Yeh was walking to his studio when he noticed a team of cheerleaders being put through their paces, and was inspired to create the 'Yeh' wall table. No, it isn't swathed in pompoms and it doesn't jump, stunt or tumble, but it does mimic the shape of a person in 'chair pose' - back resting against the wall, knees bent in sitting position - seriously working their quads.

Athletic references aside, the two-legged table is a vision of smart minimalist design, ideal for small spaces. Prop it up against a wall and display books and flowers on it. Position it by the front door as a drop-zone for keys and other essentials, or utilise it as a streamlined computer station or bedside table. And did we mention it comes with designer good looks, too?

Already flying high (that's cheerleader speak) on the global interiors stage, it's available locally at The Minimalist (from $220) in white, grey, or our personal preference - nude pink.

Image via Nettanatalias

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