Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday find: Milly Dent ceramics

Ever gazed out at the ocean and wished you could bottle up that vision to take home and admire all day? Then you better get yourself acquainted with Milly Dent, whose one-of-a-kind ceramic works mimic cascading blue waves punctuated by swirls of sea foam. The Sydney-based artist draws inspiration from cycles of nature to create porcelain platters, bowls and cups emblazoned with
dreamy indigo ripples - a twist on traditional blue-and-white china.

Made to order and exquisitely fine, each piece is also oven/dishwasher/food safe. Though to be honest, we're not sure we'd want to conceal the inky blue beauty of this 'Gem' plate, $56, with food!

Millie has recently branched out beyond traditional tableware to create
these moody marbleised candles, due in store next week. And they're more than just
easy on the eye - the candles are crafted from eco-soy wax and scented with lemongrass. 

Got a blue crush? Shop the complete collection online here. Images via @millydent on Instagram.

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