Thursday, 22 January 2015

Glitter bug

So last week we made a shocking discovery. Apparently, some people - wait, make that most people - don't like glitter. has stopped shipping your enemies glitter because it simply couldn't cope with the demand.

All this is very awkward for us, because on more than one occasion we've been guilty of shipping our friends glitter, not as punishment but as a fun, festive addition to party invitations. Or so we thought. Woops.

However, we're pretty sure even the most diehard anti-glitterers will be charmed by these gleaming Kate Spade coasters. Yes, they're made with glitter, but it's encased in resin so it ain't going nowhere. Problem solved!

With the summer party season in full swing, they're just the ticket to add a smattering of sparkle to your entertaining. Best served with raspberry & lime cocktails and a sequinned mini dress. Because really, too much glitter is never a bad thing.

Find them at Lark, which also stocks slightly more subdued Kate Spade coaster designs, such as the below gold foil paper designs, $35/pack of 24.

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