Sunday, 15 February 2015

Thirsty work

Nine to five getting you down? It could be that your desk just isn't pretty enough (we suppose it could also be a nightmare workload or horrible boss - but it's probably best not to seek advice for those issues here). A festering collection of old takeaway coffee cups and lipstick-stained mount franklin water bottles does nothing for office feng shui, so as we wrap up the weekend and head back to work, we've compiled some of our top mugs and water jugs that you'll soon value as highly as your morning coffee fix. Ready to meet your new desk buddies?

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Glass carafe, $9.99, Ikea (also available in matching glasses, here).

Our other tips for prettying up a desk space? Try an indoor plant in a cute pot (miniature orchids, agave succulents or peace lilies do the trick nicely), an inspiring mood board and beautifully packaged hand cream on display. Oh, and a secret stash of chocolates to go with that 3pm cup of tea. We'll drink to that.