Friday, 6 March 2015

Top 3: bath towels

Fluffy white towels are an enticing proposition - all fresh and clean, radiating hotel-like luxury. Until you use them a couple of times and realise that they're a magnet for makeup stains, and depending on your bathroom, may look a little bit bland. Up until recently, white towels were the height of bathroom style, but today, the design gods are showering us with seriously striking, colour-soaked options. Here are our top 3 finds...

Why? Designed by Melbourne artist Antoinette Ferwerda, this graphic design is so of-the-moment that you'll probably want to take it to the beach. Will pop against white or charcoal tiles.

Why? A Turkish hammam towel is the interiors equivalent of a crisp linen shirt - effortless and elegant (although due to its flatwoven, lightweight form, it won't be for everyone, and may take some getting used to).

Why? Seriously, do we even need to justify this one? Readers of this blog will know that when the colour palette involves charcoal and mint, we're pretty much sold. Stepping out of a long hot shower never looked so good.


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