Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday find: Ahoy Trader

When we were younger, the best parties involved experimenting with white substances, too much to drink and lashings of glitter. Before you get any ideas, let us clarify - it was the year 1995, the drinks were fizzy and the substance? Plaster of Paris. And the location? You guessed it - only the most exciting birthday destination ever, the Plaster Funhouse.

These extraordinary plaster crosses by acclaimed Byron Bay artist Jai Vasicek take us right back to parties spent painstakingly decorating plaster castles, butterflies and bunnies. Only Jai's creations are the kind people pay real money for - thoughtfully layered with paint, pattern and paper, embellished with shells and feathers and emblazoned with sea motifs, religious iconography and look-at-me prints, they're exotic, eclectic and completely one of a kind. Unsurprisingly, the same can't be said for our childhood collection of plaster unicorns splattered with paint and the odd splash of Fanta.

Jai's crosses, which come in three sizes, have become a must-have decorating item for stylists, art aficionados and anyone interested in brightening up a bare wall with something a little unusual. Here, they inject a vibrant dose of tribal-inspired texture and pattern into Hunt & Bow founder Alana Langan's incredible home, featured in Glitter Guide. Photos above by Annette O'Brien.

Shop the crosses, as well as portholes, bunting flags and tiles, at the artist's store, Ahoy Trader. And lucky you - it looks like if you enter the code 'AHOYMATE' at checkout you'll get free shipping to celebrate the recent launch of their online store (limited time only). You can thank us later.

PS. We highly recommend checking out Jai Vasicek's instagram too: @jaivasicek.

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