Sunday, 7 September 2014

Star quality

We've always loved dissecting red carpet fashion - the hits and the misses, the bland, the bold and the impossibly beautiful (Diane Kruger, we're looking at you). Recently, we've become equally enthralled by celebrity homes. A peek inside not only offers insight into the star's life and style, but inspires dreams of what you could do with your own place on a billion dollar budget. As such, this week we're showcasing spaces of the rich and famous* and revealing how to bring a touch of Hollywood into your home.
*Don't expect to see any ostentatious Kardashian glitz or or mega mansions here. We've picked chic, achievable interiors, with style ideas that will translate to teeny inner-city apartments.

1. Star: Jessica Alba (actress and founder of green living brand The Honest Company)
The home: Double-storey abode in Beverly Hills
The look: Mid-century modern meets earthy oasis

Star rating: A breath of fresh air. We give Jessica snaps for the mix of natural materials, vibrant textiles and abundant greenery. Can't you just picture her lounging on the deck in a flowing maxi, kale smoothie in hand?
Steal her style: Opt for rough-hewn textures like sisal and worn timber, and incorporate colour and pattern via soft furnishings.

2. Star: Whitney Port (reality show alumni of The Hills and The City, and now umm......)
The home: Multi-level loft in Venice, California
The look: Bohemian chic

Star rating: Those of you who watched The Hills (don't be shy now) will remember Whitney's fashion sense was a little eclectic. Her interiors are equally creative and colour-drenched, with an impressive collection of artwork adding personality aplenty.
Steal her style: Forget about trying to make everything match - work pastels, brights and neutrals in equal parts, and swathe your walls in prints and paintings that speak to you.

3. Star: Lea Michele (aka Rachel Berry of musical comedy Glee)
The home: Bungalow in West Hollywood
The look: Easy old-world elegance 

Star rating: Ok, so Lea Michele's performance on Glee may be a little divisive (superstar vs shut her up), but her home is a hands-down hit. We're loving the rustic-feminine fusion, and that dining room is to die for.
Steal her style: Invest in some antique-style furniture, then bring in contemporary accessories and masses of fresh flowers.

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