Sunday, 18 May 2014

Amazing grace

In a world of mass production, cookie-cutter chain stores and fast fashion, it's always thrilling to discover a one-of-a-kind design or lovingly handcrafted collection. Which is why we're excited to introduce Grace Wood, a wildly talented designer whose dreamy, earth-friendly textiles are unlike anything we've seen before.

Meet gorgeous Grace (and kudos to her for matching her fashion choices to her textile collection)

We first met Grace - our ex-flatmate's sister - when she was studying a Bachelor of Design at COFA. She then jetted across the globe to garner creative inspiration, and undertook an internship with textile artist Claudy Jongstra in a tiny rural village in the Netherlands. It was here, drawing on the raw beauty of the Dutch landscape, that Grace was moved to create these ethereal felt cushions, each handmade in a moody palette of indigo, charcoal and ivory. 

To buy online or view the complete collection, head to Grace Wood Designs on Etsy.

While the inspiration for the line may have been realised in Europe, the production is utterly Australian. The magic happens at Grace's studio in NSW's Blue Mountains, where she hand-felts and sews each piece using Merino wool from her family's sheep farm in Bathurst, as well as alpaca fleece, linen, mulberry silk and other natural fibres. "I employ natural dyeing techniques because I strongly believe in touching the earth lightly," explains Grace. "I limit the use of toxic chemicals and try to be as sustainable as possible in my practice."

Sweet dreams are made of this felt blanket, handcrafted using Merino wool and indigo-dyed silk.

And Grace's talents extend beyond traditional textiles. A collaboration with her uni mate George Fattal resulted in these beautifully tactile and - dare we say it - graceful porcelain cups that boast removeable felt cosies. "The idea was to create tableware for everyday use, but something a bit special," comments Grace. Imagine sipping hot chocolate out of one of these - warm fuzzies guaranteed!

If you're as keen as we are to get your mitts on a piece of Grace's exquisite work, visit her Etsy store or website, or head to Sydney's Finders Keepers market from June 6th-7th. See you there!

STYLE NOTES {grace wood}
dream home: A spacious recycled timber house with a loft and high ceilings. It would be somewhere down the south coast of NSW on a property with sheep and a biodynamic garden.
style icons: Jane Birkin, Diane Keaton and Marianne Faithfull - I love a bit of a man-style.
favourite flower: I can't pick a favourite but I'm drawn to fields filled with tiny flowers.
best scent: Essential oils.
colour palette: Interesting textured neutrals.
decorating style: Dutch and Scandinavian design with rustic tones, raw textiles, wood, metal and polished concrete.
ideal holiday: New York then a road trip down to Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.
era of choice: 1960s.
perfect Sunday: Waking up to the sounds of birds, sun shining and the smell of coffee and pancakes. Then newspaper, music and good memories of the night before.

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