Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lucky penny

Small rooms can feel a bit box-like at times, which is why it's just as important to think of wall decoration in an apartment as it is in a larger space. We took a trip to Penny Farthing Design House this weekend to swoon over their amazing collection of art, prints and photographs - we had every intention of buying one in fact, but ended up overwhelmed by choice... believe us, they're gorgeous online but when you see them up close, they're utterly divine...

'Frank the Flamingo' painted print in the Penny Farthing Design House Balmain East showroom

Penny Farthing Design House recently opened its doors in Sydney's Balmain East. It's the brainchild of two sisters, Alice and Sarah Neilsen, who uncover fabulous Australian artists and photographers and produce unique prints of their work. Take Frank the Flamingo (above), a print of an original illustration by artist Erica Smith: Erica paints over each print to give them an added layer of texture and metallic sheen. Up close it's truly remarkable. 

'Love' print in the Penny Farthing Design House studio

Luckily for us, prints are a fraction of the price of an original artwork, so you can take one of these beauties home and still have pennies leftover for that new season Zimmermann frock you're lusting over. [DISCLAIMER: this may not leave money for so-called essentials such as groceries, but that is not our fault. We'll see you in the tinned tuna aisle]. 

'Frenchy' and 'Lonely Planet' in the Penny Farthing Design House studio.

Works in progress - we want!

On the day of our visit, these incredible deer portraits were literally being given the gold standard - embellished by hand with slivers of gold leaf. They're not yet online, but keep an eye out over the coming weeks - they're seriously something else, and a beautiful way to incorporate the current trend for gold in your home. 

'Refresh' by Phil Noller

'Sydney' stretched canvas map.

This monochromatic map of Sydney is what lured us into the studio in the first place... also available showcasing Melbourne, Sydney's northern beaches and the eastern suburbs, they're perfect for adding interest without risking colour clashes with the rest of your room.

'Silent Joy' by Gabrijela Polic.

'Follow the leader' by Andrew Howells.

'Black Stallion' and 'Love' in the studio.

Visit Penny Farthing Design House to see their complete collection of to-die-for prints, photographs, maps and illustrations. There's a lot to love.

We'll be sharing many more of our favourite prints from a range of designers and artists soon, so watch this space! 

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