Sunday, 4 May 2014

Compact chic

It’s been said before that the best things come in small packages. And here at The Apartment, we stand by that statement. While our respective beachside and harbourside apartments are modest in size, we like to think that they make up for their petite proportions with big ideas. In fact, being squeezed for space often sparks the cleverest and most creative designs. Take this study nook in Kathryn’s apartment, tucked into an alcove by the entrance…

While some dedicate their study solely to work and tax (yawn), we see it as a prime area to put your personal stamp on. Here, a print by Blacklist Studio Prints, fresh flowers (hydrangeas and David Austin roses) and a moodboard of wallpaper samples and fashion clippings tie in with the rest of the apartment, and ensure that the space is more creative studio than school desk.

We could harp on on for hours about styling, but functionality deserves a mention too. While the nook is small, it boasts plentiful built-in storage. The cupboards and drawers can be completely closed…

Or all opened up... And yes, as per our recent ‘Booked Up’ post, these shelves and books could do with some serious colour coding and organising - that’s a post for another day (stay tuned!).

And here’s the clever bit. The entire desk can magically disappear into a vast white 
wall - no Harry Potter trickery involved...

Within seconds, the study transforms into a cosy sitting area, gallery wall for artwork, or 
our personal preference - extra dance floor space. Genius. That's 1-0 to Team Small Spaces.

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