Sunday, 22 June 2014

An ode to magazines

"Print media is dead!" we hear you cry, but while this may be an odd place to say it (being a blog and all...) we're firmly in defence of magazines. Perhaps our backgrounds make us biased, but we like nothing better than a beachside read in summer, or snuggling up with the latest issue of a favourite fashion mag and steaming cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. Trouble is, we both now have more magazines than shelving space. Cue some savvy stacking and a little bit of styling, and voila! Your beloved glossies are transformed into veritable (not to mention affordable) pieces of furniture, as per Anna's towering mag-stack-turned-side-table below:

There's yet more magazines taking pride of place on the chest of drawers that conceals all manner of cables and TV-related gizmos (we don't know what they do, but apparently they have a purpose). Stacks of mags keep your reading material close at hand and work to cover up the cords that can dangle from the TV. An Ecoya candle, Kate Spade silver decoration, Bethany Linz embossed print and a stem of blushing orchids pretty up what could easily have become a playstation-dominated tech zone, if left to the other occupant of this apartment... 

 We're not the only ones tapping into this trend - pinterest abounds with examples of magazines moonlighting as bedside tables, coffee tables and styling tools. Take this ladder-turned-library to display the week's reading material - head to Domayne for similar.

 Image via Love Maegan

Create a blissful reading nook with chic under-window storage as per the above. Renters need not fear, Freedom stocks simple white storage units just like the built-in beauty in this pic, for a fraction of the cost. 

Image vía espacio vital.

 We love the idea of securing our latest issues with buttery soft vintage leather belts, and Melbourne company Lightly has designed just the thing - called the Assemblages Book Girth Belt, it keeps towers of tomes neat and tidy, which is especially reassuring if you're planning on topping them with vases of flowers!

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