Sunday, 29 June 2014

Shop profile: Girl & Graaf

If you've ever been to Bondi, chances are you were lured there by sun, surf and/or sand. And while you were there - showing off your new Triangl bikini, topping up your tan and watching the Bondi Rescue boys do their thing - chances are you missed out on one of the seaside suburb's little-known gems - Girl & Graaf (well, it's hard to compete with a world famous beach). We're regulars at this travel-inspired lifestyle boutique, and dropped by yesterday to check out its latest offerings.

Nestled discreetly amongst take-away joints on Bondi Rd, the petite store is unassuming at first glance, but step inside its whitewashed interiors and you're instantly whisked away to far-flung worlds. The brainchild of travel lovers Lauren Davidson (that's the girl) and her man Simon De Graaf (that's the Graaf), it's infused with the spirit of wanderlust and stocked with pieces from all corners of the globe. Find crisp linens, charming ceramics and enamelware, scented candles, sea salt soaps and dreamy travel tomes - the kind that make you want to jump on a plane and unleash your inner explorer.

 Divine styling and ever-changing displays - courtesy of Lauren - ensure the store is always filled with surprises. And thanks to the eclectic blend of tribal treasures and coastal finds, it feels like, well, a holiday. The only thing bringing us back to reality is perhaps the corner dedicated to cleaning products, but even these are all natural and oh-so stylish that we can't wait to try them out at home (leather fly swat, anyone?)

Particular noteworthy to us is the fact that the store's awash with small accent pieces - perfect for decorating small spaces. We're loving these whimsical fabric tassels for a subtle nautical vibe. 

Coveting the global nomad look but don't live locally? Don't fret - you can shop online here. And remember - next time you're sunning yourself on Bondi Beach: put on a kaftan, take a stroll up the road and visit this delightful boutique - then contemplate your next adventure.

Visit Girl & Graaf at 189 Bondi Rd, Bondi, (02) 8065 8528

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