Sunday, 8 June 2014

Oh sugar!

Here at The Apartment, our little list of loves is simple: among other things, we like cake, freshly cut flowers and the colour pink. So you can imagine our reaction when we stumbled across the abundance of sugar-laden style that is Nectar & Stone.

Gold-dusted macarons in the sweetest shades of pink, elderberry-laced cupcakes set off with ribbons of blushing peach frosting, cloud-shaped cookies awash in watercolour... each and every Nectar & Stone creation sets our hearts (and our tastebuds) aflutter. They're the work of Melbourne-based dessert designer Donna-Caroline Khoo (Caz), who graciously granted us an interview. "I'm a very visual person and I wanted to design desserts that were not only pleasing to the eye but also amazing to eat," she explains. With an ever-expanding ingredients list that includes freeze-dried raspberries, black Cypress salt, vanilla bean and oreos (oreos!!!), it's safe to say these beauties taste as indulgent as they look.

All images courtesy of Nectar & Stone

The crazy thing about Caz is she's completely self-taught - before taking Nectar & Stone full time in July last year, she worked in fashion as a product rep for handbags and shoes. "Fashion, flowers and colours are my biggest inspiration," she reveals. The amazing colours coating her desserts are the result of hours upon hours of testing. "I love the freedom to explore my creativity without any limitations," she says. "I just spend time in the kitchen trialling on my own, I don't follow any rules."

Caz works largely on commissions for events, from weddings to press parties, so she's constantly experimenting with new ideas and flavours. A recent kitchen tea involved a custom-made acrylic table, topped with acrylic cake stands to show off Caz's creations. "It looked amazing and challenged everything the current dessert trends are showcasing," she recalls. Her top tip for hosting your next event? "Keep it simple and at the same time, make it your own." Yes indeed... but we think we'd rather order something of hers! 

A sneak peek of Caz's highly desirable desk.

STYLE NOTES {caz, nectar & stone} 
Dream home: An apartment in Paris, looking onto the Eiffel Tower
Style icon: Coco Chanel
Favourite flower: Roses
Best scent: Chanel, there's so many to choose from... no.22 is lovely
Colour palette: White, pale pink, peach and soft grey
Decorating style: Minimalist
Ideal holiday: Paris
Perfect Sunday: Surrounded around our long rectangular table with family enjoying lunch, dessert and wine

Visit for details on how to order (Caz ships all over Australia). And to marvel at her designs on a daily basis, follow @nectarandstone on instagram.

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