Sunday, 20 July 2014

Behind the lens

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

In this snap-happy Instagram age, some of us might like to think of ourselves as budding photographers – until we see the work of a professional and realise that actually, an Amaro filter and some quick work with a contrast tool can only do so much.

The work of Australian photographer Dave Wheeler takes our breath away – edgy, glamorous and irresistibly appealing, each shot is the kind we’d like to see framed and on display on our walls. You might actually have some of Dave’s work up on your moodboards or tucked away in inspiration folders already – he shoots to-die-for fashion and beauty editorials for magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan and Fashion Journal, and breathtakingly beautiful interiors for Belle.   

We asked Dave to divulge his inspiration, his deskside style and for all you instagram addicts (us included!), his top tips for taking that perfect shot.  

A glimpse of Dave's desk. Photography by Dave Wheeler.

Dave studied industrial design before deciding to pursue a life behind the camera. “I love being a part of the whole process, and seeing something being created in front of me translate to this single material image that I can take pride in having helped create,” he explains. His career highlight so far? “I would have to say shooting in New York. I’m hooked on that city, so to spend a couple of days scouting and shooting around was an experience I’ll never forget – even in their super hot summer weather.”

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

Interiors, fashion and art are all influences, so we’re not surprised to find an iconic Kate Moss fashion photograph propped up on Dave’s desk (pictured above), along with two of his own captivating shots. A macbook, a moleskine and a stack of Belle magazines hint at his sense of style. “I’m very much a fan of all things clean and minimal,” Dave says. “I love simplicity with attention to minor details. That said, some of my favourite shoots have been busy and extravagant shots with rich colours and plenty going on!” Take this utterly mesmerising editorial for Belle as an example – couldn’t you just dive right in?

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

On instagram, Dave admits to being as snap happy as the rest of us. “I was hesitant at first, but a client set it up for me years ago on a shoot and now I’m hooked,” he says. His top tip? “It’s all about experimenting – have fun with it! It’s digital so you can take a tonne of snaps with no real downside, unlike film.”

STYLE NOTES {dave wheeler}
dream home: it’s a tie between the Kaufmann house (Palm Springs) and the Stahl house (Los Angeles)
best scent: Bleu de Chanel
colour palette: slate/neutral greys and clean white
music of choice: 50s rock and roll!
film that inspires: Moonrise Kingdom and most other Wes Anderson films.
go-to outfit: Jeans, tan boots and basic tees
era of choice: the 50s
ideal holiday: an East to West coast road trip through the USA
perfect Sunday: Catching up on sleep, bacon and (weather permitting) soaking up the sun by the sea

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

See more of Dave Wheeler's work here or for a daily dose of his ultra-sophisticated style, follow him on instagram: @dave_wheeler.

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