Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday find: the $49.95 lamp

You know the feeling: you're about to buy something you've fallen in love with and are prepared to pay full price for, when the sales assistant tells you it's 30% off. Hoorah!!

That's just how we felt when, after months of searching, we found the perfect desk lamp. At Ikea. For $49.95. And that's not even the sale price. The 'Ranarp' work lamp is just the right height and shape, with touches of matte gold and a body of classic white making it a fresh take on the current all-metal trend. After searching high and low for a beautiful brass desk lamp and baulking at the usual $300+ price tag, this was the moment we had been waiting for. 

Our Friday Find prettying up this chic gold-toned work space. Image via this is glamorous.

Although technically a 'work lamp', it's lovely enough to illuminate a bedside table or inject some contemporary edge to a side table setup in your living room. 

Which is lucky because we got so excited, we bought three.

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