Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday find: Xavier & Me

You know the feeling: some mornings, it's a skinny jeans and skim flat white kind of day; others, you're in more of a rah-rah skirt and frappe frame of mind. This new cushion collection by the Balmain-based Xavier & Me appeals to both sensibilities - sophisticated block pattern meets wildly-scribbled-on-with-texta prints. A muted palette of grey, blush pink, black and white - punctuated by bright blue and yellow - printed on crisp linen adds to the minimalist Scandi-chic effect. 

We found these at online emporium Everything Begins - a one-stop-shop for art prints and designer homewares sourced from around the globe (but with a focus on local talent).  Which design best reflects your mood today? 

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