Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday find: Megan Morton/Incy Interiors beds

Hands up if you used to dream of having your very own 4-poster bed, complete with draping canopy and layer upon layer of linen? Until you grew up and realised that there's a time and a place for everything, and in the case of the 4-poster bed, it was a 16th-century castle. But behold, a new design collaboration is set to change your thinking. Celebrated interior stylist Megan Morton and furniture design house Incy Interiors have joined forces to create a range of 4-poster beds that scream contemporary cool. Don't believe us? Scroll down...

In line with the current trend for bedheads, these designs will make a singular statement in your boudoir - so there's no need to labour over choosing an artwork to place above your bed. They come in single, queen and king sizes in chalky white, matt black (our personal favourite) and all manner of custom colours. The frame can even be double dipped for a chic two-tone effect. And before you ask, despite their luxurious appearance, these beauties are actually surprisingly affordable - from $1299/queen.

One half of the design collaboration, stylist Megan, noted that she'd love to use one of the beds not for sleeping but as a clothes rail for her vast collection of maxi dresses. A bed and wardrobe combined into one? Now that's what we call sweet dreams.

Shop the collection online here, or find Incy Interiors stores in Chatswood and Bathurst, NSW.

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