Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wall power

When you've got a lot of stuff and not a lot of space, it pays to think vertically. So if floor space is at a premium in your apartment, look up: those bare walls could be working a whole lot harder. Think floating shelves in lieu of clunky bookcases, wall-mounted organisers to free up desk space and hooks and hangers that double as decoration. Keeping things tidy has never been this stylish...

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Smart use of a small section of wall (above).

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Crazy creative wall equals sparkly clean desk (and how amazing is that worn leather chair?!).  

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Old fencing turned slimline storage that doesn't encroach on your space (above). Peg up invitations, reminders and photos; hang baskets or bags, tea towels or scarves, depending on where it's placed.

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Trend we love: no longer associated with school excursions, the classic clipboard is re-imagined as a chic alternative to the photo frame. Mount them above your desk to clip up inspirational messages and art prints, or in the kitchen to hold shopping lists, reminders and bills - no tacky fridge magnets required.

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Bold oversized wall hooks turn your coats and scarves into contemporary art - we love these colourful circular hooks by Design By Them, $35 each - find them here.

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Photo frames can be appropriated into all kinds of neat wall-hung storage options - we love this restrained take on a mood board (above) and clever coffee cupboard idea (below) for the kitchen. 

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Small kitchens never have enough storage, so save the cabinetry for pots and pans and show off your gorgeous collection of teacups by mounting them to a vintage paling on the wall. Saves on space and adds colour to the kitchen - it's a win-win.

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Stationery storage (above) that throws the humble pencil case into sharp relief.

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Vintage key cabinets make the prettiest jewellery organisers and you can see your strands of jewels at a glance (no untangling impossibly knotted chains here!).


Cloud-shaped magnetic key holder from Hard to Find (left) and chevron wall hooks from Etsy (right).

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