Sunday, 3 August 2014

Starry night

Maybe it's the effect of one too many Christmas in July parties, but we've spent the weekend delicately unravelling strings upon strings of fairy lights. Cascading from the ceiling, dangling from window panes, clustered under glass cloches or arranged in garlands over the mantelpiece, fairy lights are pure magic inside - so why, we ask, do we limit their use to the festive season? 

There's something inescapably romantic about glimmering strings of fairy lights, especially indoors where they're completely unexpected - and therefore utterly bewitching. They imbue an apartment with cosy warmth and a touch of whimsy, and actually work best in small spaces, where their glow is most apparent. Try them draped over mirrors or bookshelves, or any aspect of a room that you want to softly illuminate. 

Image via this is glamorous.

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Bright idea: a photo wall strewn with fairy lights (above). 

Image via Happier Mess.
Image via pinterest.

You may have noticed that we're strictly speaking about the subtle glow of white fairy lights - no flashing rainbow effects here. Places like Ikea, Bunnings and Big W stock white lights in all shapes and sizes, but we opted for the exquisite selection at online store Father Rabbit - malleable threads of silver and copper dotted with the tiniest orbs of light imaginable. Follow us on Instagram at @theapartmentblog for images of Anna's apartment and its twinkling light display.

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